Transfer of FZU Aix-200 reactor

In late 2021 Photin get in touch with FZU MOVPE group. It was miracle, to find in nearby country Aix-200 MOVPE system fully equipped to conduct research on III-Sb materials, with scientists, who are experts in this area. FZU MOVPE were leaving the field of III-V, and moving to III-N... [Read More]
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GaSb buffers on GaSb

Have started GaSb buffer development with cleaving Ensemble3 GaSb Zn-doped substrate (bought from EVO-R funds) to 6 pieces, and running experiments. [Read More]
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First runs: GaSb buffer on GaSb

Well, finally have started first growths. It took a while, as there were some modifications and adaptations necessary to make GaN reactor become III-Sb reactor: [Read More]
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