Aixtron Aix-200 RF reactor acquired from Ulm University in the EIT Manufacturing EVO-R project dedicated to purchase, transfer, and set-up of reactor from Ulm University to Photin facility.

This is 3rd reactor purchase for Photin. Acquisition of such well maintained, fully documented, and operational reactor resulted in synergy effects and rapid acceleration of works on Aixtron Aix-200/4 and Aixtron Aix 2400 G1 reactors standing in Photin facility.

All Photin reactors are based on VME technology known for ruggedness and reliability.

The Aix-200RF reactor was operational 1 week after transfer, and extensively tested on provisional water cooling and nitrogen supply.

Facility works were completed in Apr 2022.

This reactor is now used for project focused on development of InGaAsSb barrier detectors.

Inquiries for growth of 2” wafers on GaSb, GaAs, and InP could be sent to kk{sign}