One of the best paths for survival of deep-techs, is non-dilutive financing via EU and national grants.
Photin is exploring this path for ~1 year. Recently, we had deepened our cooperation with Military University of Technology and K.I.N.D. Lab, which manifested in application for InnoGlobo 2 in 2022.
The project is focused on low temperature IR detector passivation using MOCVD technology.

Passivation challenges

Despite perfect passivation results shown usually in publication, the true processing results are not so ideal, and there are process variations.
Even for apparently mature InP/InGaAs detectors technology, passivation of small pixels is challenging (

Passivation of antimonides is even more challenging than InGaAs/InP.

List of InnoGlobo2 applications

We proudly announce, that our “PfBaAIRD” project passed formal criteria and is one of 16 projects selected for next stage review.

Assuming all applicants aimed for maximum ~1.5M, then ~7 of 16 consortiums will receive grant. 42% is one of the highest chances one could have in grant applications.
We keep our thumbs!