In late 2021 Photin get in touch with FZU MOVPE group. It was miracle, to find in nearby country Aix-200 MOVPE system fully equipped to conduct research on III-Sb materials, with scientists, who are experts in this area.
FZU MOVPE were leaving the field of III-V, and moving to III-N research.

Visited 4x times Prague in period of 7 months to complete the most important Photin project:

  • Nov 2021 - check reactor condition, status, and site review,

  • Jan 2022 - check InGaAsSb R&D progress, discuss reactor modifications for InGaAsSb,

  • May 2022 - get training on reactor use + software operation, supervise dis-assembly, prepare reactor for transport,

  • Jun 2022 - review of InGaAsSb project, reactor loading and transport.

A lot of cables and pipes to be marked and disconnected.. and work on putting together other Photin reactors, shown that it is not easy to get all things operational again.

Finally in June 2022, the reactor and associated equipment were removed from 1st floor FZU location, prepared for transport, and loaded onto trucks - the movie shows parts of this process.

The most precious and delicate parts - cabinet with quartz reactor, 2x PC with HDDs, LayTec RAS equipment were transported by dedicated truck rented and driven by Photin team.
This is start-up thrill, one day you study literature, write reports for customers, and the next day, you drive truck to cover thousands of kilometers, and collect equipment abroad ;-).
The rest of equipment, were send with DHL, it took a few weeks to arrive, and unfortunately get some damage in the process..

After arrival, first things first, we have made backups of all HDDs, connected RAS, and verified RAS and Control PC all working fine..

We told ourselves, this is our last reactor we collected, now we have enough hardware, to work for next 20 years on-site…